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Over 10,000 page views?! Each and every one of you deserves a medal! ;D
The moment to act upon something was now. Agent stands before Canterlot while the city's residents begin to roast alive by the sun's lethal rays. Even inside of his suit, Agent could feel the intense heat beginning to burn him, his skin feeling the radiant heat slowly grow from just a low cool temperature into a deep smouldering red hot inferno which began to glow bright orange in his right upper arm, making him finally hide behind one of the walls being used to help burn innocent lives below. "F--" Agent expresses while tearing off several plates of his armour, revealing a glowing orange burn mark over his upper arm. In response, he holds onto it tightly, feeling the heat start to burn right through his grip, forcing him to remove it as it began to carry over into his hand, making him shake it frantically before feeling a breeze aid him slightly in cooling both burns down.
"Agent, are you alright?" Twilight asked, sounding panicked and worried.
"AHHH! Not really...!" He was brought down to one knee, trying to cool down his burns, his eyes starting to water from the pain building up inside him. "It feels like... my arm's beginning to melt! I've gotta get this armour off of me!" He quickly dons his matte black plated armour over his legs, arms, and torso, leaving him completely vulnerable as a target, but free to move with more agility.
"Are y'sure, hon?" Asked Applejack, sounding a bit in denial. However, Agent was panting and breathing deeply, unable to answer as the burning in his arm was his main priority. "That armour was designed to handle pretty much anythin' those guards could throw at ya."
"She's right, you know." Twilight agreed.
"S-Same here." Fluttershy meekly commented, "M-Molestia would've crushed you if it hadn't been for the metal over your chest plate." Agent then raises his head upward, still grasping his left arm in pain.
"Physical trauma resistant, maybe. But, it doesn't excuse the fact that its not heat resistant!!" He snapped, making the three connected ponies gasp a bit. He then sighs and looks down a bit, feeling ashamed. "I'm sorry, girls... I had no right to snap like I did... its just this burn is so darned unrelenting!" He stumbles his way back toward the centre of attention (that being Canterlot), and witnesses in the far distance that the ponies were beginning to fall, fainting due to heat stroke and massive dehydration. Her rays were beginning to get worse, making him pant again, feeling the heat surge through his body, though not as severe as before. "C... can't L-Luna... try something?!" He asked, trying to contact Luna through his headset. However, he didn't receive an answer from her.
"Be patient... Hunter..." Luna expressed, straining to try and shift her moon to Molestia's sun's current position. "We're trying all we can..."
"Luna's deep in concentration right now, Hunter. She's giving it her all to try to eclipse the sun again." Twilight explained.
"How did she do it so flawlessly the first time when I was underground?" He asked, sounding a bit annoyed. "Ah! Forget it! I've got to try and save these ponies!"
"Hunter, DON'T!" Fluttershy exclaimed. The call remains silent for awhile, making her blush a bit, "Sorry... its just that, if you try and save them now, you won't stand a chance."
"Fluttershy is right, Hunter." Twilight agreed. "At the rate her sun's heating up, by the time you actually reach the imprisoned townsfolk, you'll be sapped of all energy. Eventually, you'll go down like how you saw those ponies did, then who's to say you'll even make it out alive." Agent didn't want to hear this, however as he punches a hole into one of the concrete barriers being used to trap the heat around Canterlot.
"Come on!!! I can at least try for..." He began to feel lightheaded as he collapses to the ground.
"Hunter? Come in! Hunter!" Twilight repeatedly called, trying to get a response from him.
"I'm still... here, Twilight... just barely, though... the burning in my arm is gone, thankfully... but after all of what I've been through since Molestia's attempt at taking Ponyvillie, I'm... I'm... famished..." he then sits up, realizing something. "Wait a minute..." his vision then darts over his armour. "Maybe... just maybe, I might be able to save those innocent civilians." He runs to his armour, putting it back on.
"What're ya talking about, sugarcube?"
"Applejack!" He exclaimed. "This suit is damage proof, correct?"
"Well, yeah... but--"
"Then, I've got an idea on how to get these walls down, then."
"How are you going to do that?" Asked Twilight.
"Easy." He runs up to the wall he punched a hole through and then kicks it down into the hill where the Canterlot inhabitants lie, currently being burned. He looks up, seeing no change in structural integrity.
"What did that accomplish?" Rarity asked.
"Oh, Rarity. Its simple. By knocking over enough of these base slabs, the shape should begin to crumble and then, by a sheer amount of physics (and hope), the heat should escape, cooling down Canterlot and its residents."
"Hunter... are you sure that's going to work?" Asked Twilight, unsure about his plan.
"Trust me, girls. It has to work, and it should at least buy Luna some time into finally finish re-eclipsing the sun." He then moves to another base slab and knocks that one over, same with another, and yet another until he could finally see a result of his efforts. He looks up once again, seeing the structure doing as he'd hoped. "Yes! Its working." Over and over again, he repeats the same monotonous practice until finally, one end of the structure begins to tilt and fall on it's axis, crumbling as it hits the ground below as a result.
"Wow!" Said Rainbow Dash, sounding completely awestruck.
"'Wow' indeed, Rainbow!" Agent laughed and cheered, feeling an intense heatwave catch him off guard, making him fall down to the ground. He then crawls forward to see Canterlot was saved by his deed, feeling the heat subside and cool down. Later, he sees the moon making its way over Canterlot. "Alright, Luna! You made it!!" He watches as her moon finally re-eclipses the sun once again, cooling down Canterlot even more as a result.
"Okay, Hunter. Continue to your objective: Free any hostages you may come across and then penetrate your way into Canterlot Castle. There is where Molestia will be waiting for you, according to our intel."
"Roger. Agent X over, and out." He runs his way down into Canterlot city limits finally, finding several internment camps where townsfolk were being kept to be converted and then left for dead. Barging his way in, seeing the guards unconscious, possibly due to heat stroke, he presses on, seeing a series of huts where innocent civilians are kept; knocking on one of the doors, afterwards not receiving an answer, he opens the door to see three fillies unconscious on the floor, panting heavily. "Oh sh--" he expresses while rushing to their aid. Eventually, he receives a call from Fluttershy.
"Hunter, how're you physically holding up?" She asked in her usual soft tone of voice.
"I'm fine. However, the same can't be said for this poor trio. They've passed out, possibly due to dehydration, hopefully not heat stroke."
"I-Is there any water close-by?" He sighs.
"I doubt it. All the water was probably evaporated by the intense heat." He then thinks of an alternative to drinking water he could use to re-hydrate the children. "Perhaps I can use their sweat as a substitute so they aren't completely famished. I know it sounds disgusting, but its all that I have for now."
"Or, you could just call us." Said a voice from behind Agent, making his gasp and dart his sight to their direction, seeing three pegasus ponies standing on either side of each other.
"Who are you?!" He yelled.
"Easy, Hunter." The one in the middle said in a calm tone, balencing a bucket of something over his head.
"What've you got on your head, there?" He asked, getting up, slightly.
"Fresh water, enough to help all three of those fillies." The one on the right said, not sounding too cooperative.
"Well, you've certainly came to the right place." He gets up and reaches for the bucket, only to be stopped by the third pony by standing in front of him. "Hey, what gives?" They begin to chuckle. "There's a catch to getting this fresh water." The third answered for the first, making Agent sigh in disbelief.
"You're seriously going to take advantage of me right here and now while there's countless lives at stake here?!" He yells, out of frustration and anxiety over the situation, "What kind of sick pegasi are you?" Eventually, the three begin to chuckle a little before bursting with laughter at him, making him confused and minourly annoyed. "What? What the heck did I just say, there's lives on the line, here... people..." The third pony steps away from the first as he explains himself.
"Oh man... you're too rich, really. We were sent by Rainbow Dash from Cloudsdale to help rehydrate Canterlot."
"Oh, so you were just toying with me, is that it?" He sternly asked them.
"Sheesh, calm down, grandpa." Said the second pony, picking up another bucket of water, "Don't be so pent up."
"Apparently you don't feel the gravity of the current situation in which ponies could, or in fact, are dying due to heat stroke and dehydration? There's a time and a place to joke around and this is definately not the time." His words did nothing with them, however as they felt bored out of their minds and pressed on, trying to help the fillies. "Rainbow..." He called, trying to keep his cool, "I'm going to anihillate these bastards." She sighs and nods her head in approval.
"Oh believe me, I've had similar thoughts of doing so, Hunter."
"Who are these guys, exactly?" He asks, seeing them giving the fillies the water. Rainbow sighs a bit.
"They're the ponies that kind of gave me and Fluttershy a rough time in flight camp, especially Fluttershy."
"Hmm, guess some ponies just never change, huh?"
"You could say that. They left Fluttershy nearly traumatized for being a scardy-pony since she's afraid of heights."
"But... she's a pegasus..." Agent responded, sounding confused out of his mind.
"Ironic, isn't it?" Twilight budded in.
"Twilight!" Agent announced, "How're things at T7R? Actually, how is Luna? How's she holding up?"
"She's doing fine... for the time being, at least."
"Why, what's wrong?" Agent sounded a bit worried. "Please tell me she isn't on the verge of giving out."
"Hunter..." Twilight responded, sounding unsure, "I'm not sure if she'll last. She's been acting rather strangely in the process of holding her moon where it is over Canterlot."
"If she gives up and the moon is shifted somewhere else, then that'll equal everypony in Canterlot as roasted alive, me being included."
"Then my suggestion would be to hurry your flank to the castle and stop her before that outcome looks possible!" Spitfire suggested, sounding authoritative.
"Hm, I've no other alternative so..." he then leaves the hut, rushing outside, however upon doing so is when he is ambushed by more of Molestia's troops. "Girls. I don't think we're the only ones that know about Luna's condition." He shifts his body in a defensive stance, holding his double edged blade with both hands.
"Buck! You'll have to fight your way toward the castle." Twilight notified. Suddenly, one of the guards lunges toward him, trying to harass Agent a bit, making him grumble slightly, hearing the surrounding crowd chuckle with laughter.
"And, from the looks of it, seems like she's definitely upped her number of soldiers." He jumps on top of one of the many surrounding complexes, getting a better view of the amount of soldiers he needed to fight through.
"Hunter?" Called Fluttershy, sounding a bit nervous. "D-don't take this personally... but I don't think you'll be able to fight your way through all of that by yourself... e-especially in your condition." Hunter smirks a bit, putting his weapon away.
"Who said anything about fighting my way through?"
"What're you thinking about, Hunter?!" Asked Twilight just before he leaps from the building, landing on top of one of the soldiers, proceeding to leap to the other nearest soldier, continuing this practice nearly half of the way there.
"Hunter? Are you out of your mind?!" Asked Rainbow Dash. He then feels himself get pulled down by one of the guards, but he grabs him by the neck and throws him back at the oncoming barrage of solar troops after him, knocking a majority of them down.
"N-no..." he responded, out of breath, turning his head toward the other side of oncoming threats, "just saving myself some time." However, just when he was about to continue his strategy is when he, along with the other ponies, feels the ground begin to shake violently, making each and every one of them tumble to the ground, Agent using his sword to keep himself on the ground knelt down and not completely grounded. "What in Celestia's name is going on now?!"
"Earthquake?" Said one of the guards. Eventually, a loud crackling sound echoes throughout the kingdom, making everyone and pony shield their ears in pain.
"I know that sound..." Agent shared, looking up in the sky, seeing the moon beginning to crackle and split apart. "No!" He frantically tries contacting Luna, not receiving any answers though. "Come on, Luna!"
"Hunter! The... the..."
"The moon, yeah I can see it! Molestia's splitting the thing in half. Its gonna bust if I don't get in there soon!"
"H-Hunter..." Luna weakly called, making him gasp.
"LUNA!" He shouted in surprise, getting back up to try and hurry toward his objective, adjusting himself to the constant rumble below.
"My... my sister... she's trying to weaken me to continue with her plan to annihilate Canterlot."
"Yeah... tell me something I don't know." He then swipes at several guards attempting to thwart his progression.
"She's... she's trying to rush us, Hunter... we can perhaps try to hold her off for a little longer... but in doing so will further endanger the future of our moon."
"Don't worry. I'm nearly there!" Suddenly, another loud crackle is heard from the moon, making everypony shield their ears in pain. However, Agent continued onward, knowing that he was running out of time. Once again, the ground shakes, but it wasn't from the moon this time. Once just seconds away from the castle, he suddenly feels the intense heat in both his arm and hand resurface, making him scream in agony. He grasps both again, falling on one knee and then looks ahead, seeing a row of solar imperials guarding the entrance to the castle, making him swear and curse under his breath. One of them begins to chuckle.
"So, this is the defender of Ponyvillie?" The imperial asked, not sounding too impressed, "And here he is, unable to handle a little burn. Aw, poor little filly." There were ten in total and only five walked toward him to collect him when suddenly, the ground beneath their hooves begins shaking again.
"Damn..." Agent said to himself, looking up and seeing the moon crumbling even more.
"Looks like somepony isn't going to get too far with their conquest of Canterlot." Said another one of the imperials heading toward him.
"What're you gonna do now? Beg us to let you go?"
"Mmmm, that sounds riveting. Please do go on, Agent X." He doesn't however and looks up at them all, looking disgusted.
"You're sick! The lot of you. What has she done to you?" Suddenly, he feels his burns and pains sharpen, making him breathe sharply, leaning forward on both his knees now, staring at the ground as he could feel strands of saliva begin to drip from his mouth. He then gasps as he feels himself get pounced and pinned to the ground, seeing the surrounding imperials looking down on him.
"Its not what she's done to us... but what she'll do to you; to make you one of us. Forever." He then struggles, feeling himself getting picked up by the others, when suddenly, the ground shakes again, but not from the moon. Instead, it began rumbling from on oncoming stampede headed their way, making them drop him on the ground. "What's this?" Said the first imperial when suddenly, he's tackled down by a more brute-ish mustang, followed by nine others trying to take them all down. Meanwhile, Agent was still dazed and confused while this was going on; all he could hear was the sound of his headset notifying him about an incoming call. Finally, he answers it and hears Twilight's voice over the line clearly.
"Hunter! Are you alright?"
"I'm... I'm fine. The burning is back, though." He looks behind himself, seeing the other mustangs handle the imperials. "Twilight, did you send in reinforcements to back me up?"
"Don't ask me. Ask Platinum. He was the one who wanted to strike back at Molly." Suddenly, Platinum appears from nowhere next to Agent, introducing himself to him thoroughly.
"You may remember me from the skirmish on the point in Ponyvillie." Platinum said while helping the man up. Agent gets a god look at him and he gasps, remembering who he was.
"You..." He breathes sharply as the burning sensation continues to rage on in his arm and hand. "I hear that you couldn't handle the truth and it left you traumatized."
"Never mind about that!" He suddenly clotheslines a charging imperial, knocking him down and out, "Right now, you've gotta take down an even bigger threat thats waiting for you in the castle." He then hands him back his weapon. "I think you'll be needing this." Agent smiles some.
"Glad to know you're on our side now, Platinum."
"After Princess Luna fed me her memories of what happened here for the past month and a half, what makes you think that I'd still be fighting for them?"  After hearing that, Agent cracks his knuckles together and grins.
"That's what I wanna hear!" Suddenly, the ground shakes again, but this time, it was even worse as several large pieces of the moon began to chip and break apart due to Molly's overwhelming power.
"Go, Hunter! Me and the rest of the boys will hold these bastards off while you duke it out with the princess! Hurry, before we're all incinerated!" Agent nods his head and rushes up the long stairway leading into the castle entrance. Before entering, he turns around and sees Platinum get tackled and piled on top of by solar troops.
"Damn!" He muttered when suddenly, he sees him emerge from the pile of different ponies, erratically going to each one and knocking them down. "Damn, he's good." He turns back toward the entrance of the castle, suddenly finding himself be in the way of several reinforcements. They each tried tackling him down, but he was too quick for them as he rolls to the right, watching them tumble down the stairs, landing on the ground below. "Ha ha, they never learn, do they?" He then smacks himself in the face, trying to refocus on the current situation at hand. "Enough beating around the bush, damn it!" He draws his weapons out and then charges through the huge open castle entrance, feeling the doors behind him suddenly slam once past the threshold, blocking out the sound of fighting and destruction from outside.
Battle for Equestria - Chapter IX
I really do try all I can to make sure that this series does not fall into obscurity like so many others. I would say that work in my life as of now has been very abundant which leaves me with little time to continue, but I've used that excuse plenty of times before in the past. But, I've also been trying to keep up a social life and a love life outside of my work, so that's also been a factor in my recent inactivity as of late. Even more news is that now, I'm currently in the process of moving to another town, so that'll also drive a huge wedge in the time I have to get crackin' on future chapters. But, fear not now that the ninth chapter of a series nearly two years old (three and a half if you count "Descent/Rebellion") is here at last! Not only that, but the series is nearly halfway to completion. My earlier selves will finally be at rest knowing that their work will be finished! :P
Writer's block taking it's toll on another victim of it's torture. How long must I endure this?! -_-"
First off, I humbly apologize for my absence the past six months or so. I've been on quite a tight schedule ever since graduation and I've been going through a bit of writer's block which explains the lack of updates to any of the main projects I currently am working on (Battle for Equestria to name one). However, I feel that in the not too distant future, I will be back to my original schedule and periodically notifying you guys/gals on upcoming content. But, until that time, I bid you farewell. *bows*
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