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Of Doctors and Ponies by XThemusic217
Of Doctors and Ponies
I think its safe to say that as of now, I'm a huge fan of Doctor Who (a.k.a. a "Whoovian"). I'm also a huge fan of MLP: FiM (a.k.a. a "Brony/Pegasister"). Utilizing the Pony Creator (Special thanks goes to :icongeneralzoi: for creating aforementioned Pony Creator), and using one of the 50th Anniversary "Day of the Doctor" posters as a reference, I was able to successfully recreate said poster... but in pony form! xD Hope you enjoy it just as much as I did creating it. ^_^
An alternate path for "Battle for Equestria" to take place? Perhaps an alternate ending to the series? Any thoughts?
Not dead yet... just really tired. -_-zzzz
Sunday, May 15th, 2011

   Nearly 24 hours after Agent was accidentally sent to another plane of existence, Daniel, the lead engineer of his current project, along with the help of his fellow colleagues, worked efficiently and diligently to have it completed by the next day under orders by Madison Rosethorn, Agent's partner and second in command. While Daniel didn't want to rush progress with his new invention, he knew if he didn't that Madison would have his ass if it wasn't complete by when she said. After about ten minutes, Daniel looks down and sees a couple of his helpers slacking off, making him stop working to get them back on track, "'Ey, whatdoya think you gettin' paid for here?!" He yelled while on top of the device, looking down at them. "If she were to see you two right now, she'd have a fit with the both of ya's." He then sees her walk in, making him get straight back to work. She looks up at him working and smirks some.
"How much longer until this things complete, Danny?" Madison asked upon examining the progression being made on the teleporter. He then sighs a bit.
"Judging by how much we've gotten done today, and with how much that could get done by tomorrow, I'd say about... one more day...?" He looked unsure, but hoped that she wouldn't shorten the amount of time expected by any more.
"Make it a day and a half." This makes him feel relieved a bit as he knew he would have it complete by then.
"You got it, Ma'am!" He puts his visor back down and finishes putting the device back together. She looks down and then sees the two slacking engineers.
"Hey, you two! Get your asses back to work before I get down there make you do it!" One of them then gets right back to it while the other continued to take his break, ignoring whatever she said. This, of course, makes Madison all the more livid, but after some time, another engineer then slammed the slacking one's hard hat back on his head and pushed him out of his chair.
"Do what she says, damn it." He whispered to him. This makes the other one sigh and roll his eyes.
"Please, what can she do that'll effect us so badly?"
"Hm, in fact Daniel, make that one day to complete this, okay?" This makes him stop and throw his blowtorch down furiously.
"It seems a little someone down here doesn't want to finish his job on time." She explained, pointing down to him. "Until he can get his act straight and do his job correctly, or in fact, do his job altogether, you'll have one day to complete this behemoth. And, so help me, if its not finished by the time I walk into this room in the next 24 hours, you all will be punished severely for your incompetence and Danny here will be getting the worst of it all if that ever happens. You hear me up there, Danny boy?" He sees her look dead at him, making him gulp and sweat nervously.
"Y-y-yeah, of course you fuckin' psychoti-- I-I mean, gorgeous woman you are. I understand." She chuckles, still looking up at him.
"That's what I thought you said. Anyway, that's it. Continue with your progress and remember, One Day, boys. One.. Day." She then exits the room, returning to the electricians to help fix the power issues due to what occurred the other night.
Meanwhile, Daniel walks down the device and deals with the lazy worker himself, teaching him a few lessons the hard way.

   "How many more are there?" Twilight asked, seeing Rainbow and her team carry the large number of unconscious Solar Troops into the T7R HQ's medical wing. Rainbow strained, trying to get one onto a medical table.
"Feels like he totalled all of Molestia's guards and left them for us to clean up." She expressed, taking hold of another one and hauling him to another medical table.
"Well, it was his and Princess Luna's idea to dive straight back into Canterlot to keep Molestia from recovering after this loss." Spitfire explained, eventually lying to down to catch her breath.
"It only seemed to be the most logical strategy to go about that would support us as a group." Luna added.
"Exactly, since Ponyvillie is our mane haven, mainly for it being the location of our base, if it falls to Molestia's greedy and lustful hooves, who's to say that we have another chance at reverting Equestria back to the way it was before Princess Molestia was reborn." After several more minutes, which to all of T7R felt like hours of clearing Ponyvillie of the unconscious fighters, they eventually begin waking up from becoming knocked out moments ago and to all their surprise felt no feelings of hostility. Instead, they were confused as to where they were.
"You're kidding, right?" Rainbow asked one of them, "You really have no idea what just happened?"
"They were under a mind control spell put onto them by Molestia." Luna explained, "Everything from early in April to now is completely nonexistent in their memories."
"Wait just a doggone minute there, princess." Applejack requested, "Just how in tarnation can't they remember anything from when they were taken over?" Eventually, one of the Solar Imperials wakes up and notices he's not in Canterlot, making him put up a fuss.
"Hey, what's your problem?!" One of the other conscious guards who noticed him asked.
"Where is that guy?!" He asked, sounding furious and determined.
"Who are you talking about?" The same guard asked, now sounding and looking a bit nervous, feeling that maybe he shouldn't have asked before.
"The non-pony... the one who stands and walks on two legs instead of four!" Eventually, his rambling catches the attention of others and they all watch him.
"Are you talking about the leader of this establishment?" One gray fleeced pony asked, standing before him, making him look into his direction.
"Who are you?"
"Joey Towns, otherwise known as Jeffery Townsend." He says again, looking down at him. "What's gotten you so worked up, pal?"
"I-I really don't think that's... such a good idea..." the nervous guard suggested.
"And why's that?" He looked over at him. "Afraid he'll snap at me?" He turns to the frantic guard, "Is that it?" However, the guard growls a bit in fury, struggling in his chained bonds.
"I won't be treated like some lower animal!" He lashed out, making Jeffery back up a little, also catching the attention the Mane 6, "My name is Sir Platinum, Solar Imperial of the Princess's First Army, I've travelled across all of Equestria, from the uninhabitable frozen tundra that is Northern and Southern Equestria to the high skies of Cloudsdale to even dragon inhabited gorges. I am a force to be reckoned with and am the perfect soldier for Princess Celestia of Equestria, and I demand that you all release me at once!" There was a loud silence in the Medical Wing where everypony sat in awe at Platinum's unexpected monologue and eventually, Twilight walks up to him.
"You still think you're fighting for the Princess Celestia, don't you?" She asked him.
"Twilight are you sure--" Rarity asked before being cut off by Twilight, raising a hoof in front of her while making her to her.
"Ah! I want to hear what he has to say." He sighs a bit, looking down at the ground.
"You really think you can get me to defect to your side by persuasion? Or maybe some kind of radical philosophy you've inherited? Ha! Try what you will. Many have tried, but only none have succeeded." Twilight then touches his head with her horn, performing her spell that her memories and thoughts into the mind of another pony's mind, however, he tried well to reject her spell, chuckling a bit. "Its no use. I've had extensive training from the princess herself to resist these kinds of spells. You're wasting your time." Twilight, however, wouldn't give up and put all of what she could into completing her spell, but no matter how hard she tried, it seemed like she actually was wasting her time with this effort.
"Allow us to help aid you in your task." Princess Luna volunteered by performing the same spell, lending Twilight a hoof.
"Wait..." he said, recognising her voice, "Is that... Princess Luna?!" He opened his eyes to look up to see her, breaking his concentration and giving both mares access into his mind, flooding their memories of the events of April when their minds were taken from them, to now, where they're able to think for themselves again and although he tried rejecting their spells yet again, it seemed nearly too late for that as they began getting a response from him. "Princess Luna... how... how could you turn on your... own sister like this?!" He asked, still trying to reject their magic into his thoughts. Luna, however, didn't respond to him and kept her concentration. The same could be said for Twilight. "No... no... internment camps? For what purpose?!"
"They're getting to him!" Jeffery exclaimed.
"No... theyre...not! A-ah! My troops, rounding up innocent civilians? No, they probably... no, no what in the name of Celestia is this?!"
"Its what your 'Princess' has been doing to us for long time now and it needs to stop!" Rainbow exclaimed with determination.
"Stop! Stop! No more! No more! Celestia... no, Molestia?! What in the hay?! No, no, not that! Stop it! Stop it!"
"Enough now, Princess Luna." Twilight whispered while pulling off of his head. However, Luna didn't stop, instead, she went further down with her shared memories. "Luna, Stop!" She watches as Luna cringes, trying to let go of him but at the same time, she wanted him to feel what she felt.
"Princess?! What in Celestia's name are you doing?!" Platinum yelped in horror, backing away frantically, looking petrified. "Stop!! I beg of you!! Somepony, anypony, MAKE HER STOP!!!" He cried in agonizing pain from experiencing her memories, feelings, and emotions of those days. Eventually, somepony had to stop her from traumatizing him even more, but no pony came to stop her. "I think... I think I'm going to faint..." He expressed while straining to away from Molestia in his head. However, out of nowhere came Shining Armour, tackling down the blue mare and breaking her concentration from continuing the spell. He then gets up along with her.
"Princess, what were you thinking?!" He asked her, looking confused. "You were going to..." He notices her tearing up while slowly raising her head up to him, holding him tightly as he did the same. He then looks over at Twilight who looked shocked and confused. Shining Armour then shrugs his shoulders and though he was up and moving, he still had a little more time to spend away from combat. He continued to hold onto Luna as she softly wept onto his shoulder, grimacing from reliving those memories of her sister. Suddenly, she receives a call coming from somewhere in between Ponyvillie and Canterlot and she answers it.
"This Twilight Sparkle, reporting in from T7R HQ, do you read me, Agent X?"

    "Loud and clear, Twilight Sparkle." Agent responded. He trotted his way down into a deep gorge and reaches a deep slope, having no choice but tumble his way down to reach the other side of a cliff. "Reporting in from just a few kilometres away from Canterlot city limits, how's everything back at the base?" He hears her sigh a bit. "Hm, that doesn't sound all that good. Something go wrong?" He hears her sigh again. "Okay, what went wrong?" He then hears her sniffle a bit. "Twilight, what happened? Are they giving you a hard time over there?"
"No, its just..." She sighs, looking up at her glass screen giving coordinates to where he is and where he's supposed to go. "You're next to a cliff and need to tumble your way down where, hopefully, you'll jump and make it to the there side."
"I know, I can see that just fine ahead of me. Now, are you going to tell me about what happened, or not?" She sighs again.
"I'm not sure if I should talk about it right now."
"Did Luna cause a scene with one of our new recruits?"
"Yeah-- hey! How'd you know?!" He chuckles a little.
"Your headset speaker was on the whole time. I just happened to mute my input and disconnected when things seemed right to call." He then finally attempts what he should do to make it to the other side. However, he doesn't jump as far and nearly makes it to the other cliff, holding onto the cliff face.
"So, you called back just to make fun of the situation?" She denoted, sounding annoyed. He then strains himself, trying to climb up.
"No... I just wanted to know if... things were fine over there." He then picks himself up and sighs with relief. "Ah... just made it. And plus, I can only hear what's going on over there, I can't necessarily see what's going on there as well."
"Actually, you can now with the upgrades I gave you." Applejack informed over the same call.
"Applejack! Man, am I glad to hear your voice again." He expressed while climbing up a steep grassy hilltop. "Okay, now do I just activate it once its done? No Hari-Kari involved like with the other inventions?"
"Hari what now?"
"Never mind. Just tell me how to activate it." He then taps his earpiece a bit, needing to scratch his ear when suddenly, he's introduced to a live feed of Twilight and Applejack on screen. "Okay, never mind. I just found out all on my own."
"You can also direct us to what you see from your own perspective, sort of like what you and Laurence saw those two pegasas ponies use before being saved by Rainbow and Trixie." He then tries fiddling with more and then activates it by turning the earpiece in a clockwise motion.
"There, can you see?"
"Heavens to Betsy, this here is darn near amazin'." Applejack expressed.
"I would turn my AR (Augmented Reality) mode on, but having that active is quite the energy leecher. No offence Apple, but could your team perhaps fix that issue whenever and if I happen to return to T7R HQ?"
"Sounds like nothing my team can't fix. I'll have 'em check it out for ya lickety split."
"Shh, keep it down." He orders, ducking his head as low as he possibly could, looking up to see the horizon ahead of him beginning to turn orange, as daytime was present once again. "Are you seeing this, girls?" He could hear both of them clamouring, but then, he sees the sun rise over his head, faster than anything he's seen. Later, he could feel the heat beginning to burn him inside of his suit.
"Hunter! RUN!!" Twilight yelled and he then books it over the hill and witnesses a large ray of sunlight strike at where he was before, making him run for cover, the sun rays now locked onto him permanently as he tries what he can to dodge it.
"What gives?!" He sidesteps the oncoming ray, "She couldn't get me to defect so now, she wants me vaporized?!"
"Hunter, there's an underground tunnel nearby to your position. I'll mark it for you on your mini map." He notices the blip on his radar. "Now, for Celestia's sake, Run!" He then books it toward the mark on his mini map, while trying to outrun the oncoming solar beam following up to him, making his heart race with excitement.
"This is intense!!!" He yelled while rushing past several Solar Troops on their way towards Ponyvillie.
"Hey! Stop right there!!" Yelled the captain as he rushes with his team to chase him down.
"Captain!!" One of his own yelled.
"What is it?!" He looks back, seeing the lethal sun rays travel closer to them. "DOUBLE TIME IT, CHAPS!!" They then pick up the pace, catching up to Agent as he was just moments away from the underground entrance.
"Come on!" He yelled, running toward the entrance finally, nearly getting singed by the rays and sandwiched by the troops on his way there. Hiding underground yet still feeling the heat from above, he then continues his way toward Canterlot, totally unsure of what to expect after a daring sprint he just made trying to escape being turned into vapour.
"Hun...ter... Agent...X... can yo--zz... ar... me...?" Agent could hear Twilight trying to contact him, but reception was low in the tunnel.
"Twilight? Can you hear me?"
"Jus... barely... Are you... right...?"
"I'm fine. Nearly got myself one hell of a tan, but I'm alright nonetheless."
"Head Eas... Canterlot... jus... ahea...."
"Roger. Agent X over and out." He then cuts transmission and activates his AR mode, allowing him to see his way through the dark tunnel when suddenly, he receives another call from an unknown frequency. Despite the anonymous number, he answers it anyway, "You've reached Agent's Tanning Salon. You Tannin'? We're Listenin'."
"Cut the jokes, Agent X." A familiar voice spoke over the line.
"Ah, hey Molly. Am I getting too close for comfort? I thought you were all about that. What happened?"
"Enough about that. Besides, any sane individual would've quit after experiencing what I just threw at you."
"Oh, you mean the whole sun ray beam that's only relaxing if you're wearing SPF a million? Yeah, I like the fact that you think I should relax and have some fun in the sun after a hard day's work, but I don't think this is what comes to mind when 'fun in the sun' in brought up." She chuckles.
"Always the wise cracker, aren't you? You just never know when to give up, don't you? Typical radical. You're always so caught up into your new regime's ways to realize that you're putting your life, as well as others, at risk."
"I'm sorry, but didn't we kind of go through it with this after like four or five times already? I don't know about you, but I'm starting to think you're sort of stuck on repeat, is this Molestia I'm talking to and not some prerecorded message of you monologuing on how you're going to take over Equestria while you're busy raping the townsfolk of Canterlot even more because if I have to go through this with you yet again, then I'll be sure to be there on the double just to shut you up. And then, only then, can we see who's truly the superior entity." He then stops walking, listening to what she has to say in response to his declaration. "Well, I'm waiting." Eventually he hears notices Princess Luna join the call, surprising him a bit.
"We shall aid thou in thine quest for superiority, fair Hunter." She expressed, blocking the sun's rays with the moon.
"Luna! My most loyal and... delicious sister. Why have you turned on me? Why defect to their side, leaving your sister vulnerable to this... beast?!"
"Enough!!!" She exclaimed, causing thunder to roar over both Ponyvillie and Canterlot. "You're not my sister... my sister wouldn't control me, or molest me to assume authority... she would care for my well being and comfort me, not banish me to the moon for 1000 years or... perform such perverted acts upon both mare and stallion of any age." Hunter then sighs a bit.
"Sorry, no offence there Luna, but this has all been said in done already. I will penetrate through your lines of defense, Molly." He hears her snicker, "Don't think that way, you perverted overgrown winged unicorn! I'll make it into Canterlot, and once there, I'll be sure to put an end to your reign of molestation, and that is a promise." He then cuts transmission, continuing to make progress toward Canterlot via underground passageway. Eventually, he comes across a makeshift ladder leading up to a hole up above. Using said ladder, he climbs his way up above ground once again and sees Molestia's sun eclipsed by Luna's moon. The question that plagued his mind however was "how long?" How long would she be able to hold her sun off of him to give him more time to make it to Canterlot? However, at the same time, Molestia is also using up her magic to keep the sun where it is as well. The question that plagues his mind now is "how long until both princesses let loose?" He was running out of power, so he deactivates AR mode, allowing the battery to recharge overtime while at the same time, he receives another call from T7R HQ. He answers the call, activating his perspective cameras as well, letting them see what he sees. "This is Agent X, standing by."
"Hunter, we lost contact with you while you were in the tunnel." Twilight explained. "Are you above ground?"
"Yeah. Luna decided to give me a hand by blocking out the sun." He looks up at the eclipsed sun and moon. "Can you see it?" He hears her gasp. "Twi?"
"I've never seen anything like it before..."
"Ha, I know right? But at this point, its only a question of when. If Molly lets go, then I'm safe; if Luna lets go, then I'd better be in a secure area, or else I'm toast." He then steps onto a piece of "Obey Molestia" propaganda before nearly reaching Canterlot, "But, I'm reletively close to my destination. How're things going along with the other wings? Mane 6, report!"
"As of now, things are looking quite well in the Battle Fatigue Prep Wing." Rarity reported.
"That suit yer' wearin' is already bein' made for our soldiers. As well as a few extras." Applejack reported.
"In... in a little while, Shining Armour will be back into battle with flying colours." Fluttershy reported.
"A lot of the troops we have are still a bit woozy from going hoof to hoof with you." Spitfire mentioned.
"But, we still got enough of our guys to kick some tail!" Rainbow reported.
"Um, we are a bit overstocked with the amount of pastries and food in the mess hall." Pinkie Pie reported.
"And, our moles within the castle just informed us that security surrounding Canterlot, above and below ground, will probably be an issue while trying to penetrate security. If I were you, I would recommend using stealth to make it in. But, you can engage in combat, you so like." He chuckles.
"How did you know?" He notices more propaganda on trees, posts and other idle objects when finally, he reaches the first line of defense which surprisingly had nopony stationed at it. He still presses on though, thinking that it was abandoned. Eventually, he notices more lines of defense, however were all nearly left sitting there with nopony at them to guard. "This is Agent X." He whispered, these lines of defense are all either abandoned or somepony is keeping a quiet eye on things. I'll report again when things seem to change."
"Be careful, Hunter." Each one of them said as he then approaches a cliff and what lied below was his destination, the capital city of Canterlot, where many innocent civilians lie in wait to be "converted" into Molestia's "followers" through lewd and risqué ways.
"I've made it to the edge of Canterlot. Security is low, but I can't help shake the feeling that something is wrong."
"What do you mean?" Twilight asked.
"Why would these many lines of 'defense' be left unguarded with nopony else in sight. It makes no sense."
"Perhaps we were misinformed?" Rarity suggested. Agent then looks up to see the eclipsed sun dart its way toward the centre of Canterlot, beaming down into where many helpless ponies lie to be burned, making him gasp as well as the others, watching through the feed. "Are you seeing what I am right now, girls?" He then feels the heat resonating off of the concrete walls, eventually beginning to rise into the air, forming a sort of cone-shape, forcing all the heat to focus on the citizens of Canterlot, burning those in the epicenter while the others begin to feel dehydrated and sweat profusely, eventually feeling the heat get to them.
"She's turning Canterlot into a giant oven?!" Pinkie exclaimed. "How COULD she do something like that?!"
"You're guess is as good as mine, Pinkie." He expressed, feeling the heat get to him as they all watched in awe as Molestia's sun began cooking the trapped ponies below.
Battle for Equestria - Chapter VIII
Trick or Treat?
After so long, the next chapter of BfA is finally here! This was quite the chapter to put together since I've been busy throughout gus year with work, as well as writer's block. :P But, it wasn't enough to keep me from doing what I love. :D So, here's the long and anticipated chapter eight of the series! :)

Btw, I was an MIB Agent for Nightmare Night (Halloween) this year. ;) Happy Nightmare Night, everypony!
First off, I humbly apologize for my absence the past six months or so. I've been on quite a tight schedule ever since graduation and I've been going through a bit of writer's block which explains the lack of updates to any of the main projects I currently am working on (Battle for Equestria to name one). However, I feel that in the not too distant future, I will be back to my original schedule and periodically notifying you guys/gals on upcoming content. But, until that time, I bid you farewell. *bows*
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